All India Radio to revitalise Punjabi service to augment reach in India, Pakistan

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NEW DELHI: Public administration supporter All India Radio (AIR) is intending to “renew” its Punjabi administration to increase its scope to the Punjabi-talking audience members “on the two sides of the fringe”.

AIR as of now communicates programs in Punjabi dialect from its Jalandhar station in short and medium wave transmitters, which don’t air quality voice, along these lines losing the audience members to Pakistani channels, a senior authority said.

Then again, Pakistan has over twelve Punjabi directs that pull in individuals in Indian territory of Punjab, other than serving its household audience members.

“We have to counter this. We have to display an Indian point of view on different issues to the Punjabi-talking group of onlookers in Pakistan and in India,” the authority said.

Other than Jalandhar, the administration – Des Punjab or Country Punjab- – will be supplemented with home FM transmitter to be set up at Amritsar, which will guarantee quality voice coming to more than 70 km into Pakistan from outskirt.

Another FM transmitter at Amritsar can achieve Lahore, Gujranwala and Sialkot territories which are overwhelmed by Punjabi-talking individuals.

“The nations (India and Pakistan) are separated yet we can’t partition the dialect. The renewed Punjabi administration will bring the Punjabi individuals living on the two sides of the outskirt nearer.

“It will likewise counter the prominence of Pakistan’s radio directs in their side and additionally in India,” the authority said.

The projects would basically be founded on diversion, for example, Punjabi tunes, interviews with Punjabi on-screen characters, who are well known on the two sides and bring in tune reques ..